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Steele for Congress Makes Sense

Let’s look at the last two years. The country’s economy has continued to charge forward. Companies across the nation continue to hire and grow. The United States is leading again in the world instead of being referred to as a has-been or sickly. Cities and towns are restoring law and order in communities all over. Government waste is being removed and unjustified ideas in related growth are being questioned and held back. People have optimism again and see a future of things being even better. This is our District and the country in two years of conservative value leadership. Doesn’t it make sense that we would want these good things to continue? If you agree, then Howard Steele for Congress makes a lot of sense as well. Vote in 2020 and make sure Congress stays on track instead of getting distracted again. Let’s keep making America Great.


Keep the Direction Strong, Vote a Republican Candidate for Congress


If you believe that our country has turned for the better and is moving with values that make sense, support communities, provide economic stimulation and growth and provide for jobs, then you’re going to want to make sure that you vote for a Republic candidate for Congress. Right now, the opposition is looking for every avenue in which to reverse all the gains the United States has made in the last two years. That’s because conservative value leadership has been directly responsible for improvement of life in the U.S. at just about every level of society, and something needs to go wrong for the opposition to find leverage again for their liberal arguments. If you disagree with that thinking and want to make sure Congress and the country stays on track, then you need to vote in 2020 and make sure that conservative values stay put where they are in the driver’s seat. Vote for Howard Steele in 2020.

Howard "Tough As" Steele

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