There are no greater threats to our state and nation than those that come from our failure to secure the border.  From human traffickers, to drug cartels, to organized terrorist groups, we must invest in the infrastructure and technology necessary to keep them from moving freely back and forth across the border.
    Howard recently spent a week at our southern border, meeting with the overworked and underpaid border patrol agents from both the U.S. and Mexico. 


    The Houston area has the highest number of reported sex trafficking cases in the nation, and Howard’s fiancée, Jade James knows first-hand the dangers that young women and children face right here in our community.  After losing a daughter to sex trafficking, Jade has become an advocate for stronger legislation to protect our children; working alongside Howard to propose the “Protect Our Children Act” which would raise the legal age to work at adult entertainment establishments from 18-21 and 


    The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, and one of the key duties of Congress is to protect the American people.  From radical Islamic terrorism, to nuclear threats from Iran, to other rising powers who threaten our partners around the world, it is imperative we send representatives to Washington who know how to work well with President Trump.  
    The policies of prior administrations, particularly the Obama Administration, were 


    The State of Texas ranked fourth in the country in 2018 for violence in schools as was horrifically illustrated by the teenager who murdered eight students, two teachers and wounded 13 others at Santa Fe High School.  School shootings and other acts of violence must be stopped through prevention, reporting and security measures.
    Howard has a plan to make our schools safer that includes threat assessment, identification and intervention with individuals of concern, as well as better training 


    Our national debt is unsustainable, and it is now over the $20 trillion mark.  This is one of the most important issues of our generation.  There are those who believe we can continue to borrow indefinitely, but they are wrong.  
    The only way to rein in the federal government is with a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Congress has demonstrated time and time again that it is either unwilling or unable to properly oversee the federal bureaucracy, so we must force it to through a 


    While Congress continues to rack up mindboggling amounts of debt, it never seems to be able to find the funding to adequately care for military veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much for us.  Howard will be a champion of veterans in Congress and work to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs.  There must be transparency, individual accountability, and a renewed commitment to an improved level of service to veterans.  Basic competence does not seem like an unreasonable  

Howard "Tough As" Steele

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