District 22 Voting 2020

Why District 22 Voting 2020 Choices Matter So Much

2020 is shaping up to be a decisive year that will reflect on whether voters believe the country is on the right track. The fact is, the nation and Houston have enjoyed solid economic growth, a national employment push that has some of the lowest unemployment figures in the country, a solid respect and support for law and order, and a restraint on government that has been long overdue. So, 2020 then becomes a reflection on whether voters believe those results are a sign of moving in the right direction, continuing support of conservative values in Congress or for change for something else. Given the facts and the shape of the country now closing 2019 versus where it was just two years ago, it would be very hard to argue in any corner that the health of the country hasn’t improved. So now it’s important for District 22 to show its support through the Howard Steele campaign for Congress in 2020.


Make a Congress District 22 Difference in 2020


If you want to send Congress a message that conservative values and voting matter and that the country needs to stay on the right direction that it has been for the last two years, then you need to vote for Howard Steele representing District 22 in Congress in 2020. Steele represents a solid, foundational view of what government is supposed to provide the people: sound financial management, limited government and not allowing growth just for the sake of program expansions, supporting business growth and job creation, and protecting our neighborhoods, communities and way of life. Howard Steele needs our help now to ensure that Congress stays on track. He represents an honest Houston perspective based on living and working here for two decades. Why let someone else speak for District 22? Steele needs our election support to make sure Congress listens in 2020.

Howard "Tough As" Steele

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