District 22 Voting

Real Representation for District 22 Voting

Made up of over 935,000 voters, District 22 voting represents a sizable portion of Texas constituents who have historically wanted fundamentally sound representation in Congress. Incorporating three counties of Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris, District 22 covers the southern side of Houston regional area. No surprise then, its representation should be provided by a native Houstonian who shares, knows and has solid experience in the local issues. For District 22 that representation can be had with Howard Steele. Having lived and worked in Brazoria County from the beginning of his career, Howard Steele has been personally familiar with the growth and development of the Houston region, including its need for jobs, commerce, land use planning, support for liberties and the fundamental values of law & order. Now, looking at the opportunity to give back to the community that gave him his career and livelihood, Howard Steele is seeking to serve District 22 in Congress. When voting matters for a real form of representation on issues that matter to you and I, Howard Steele is there and ready to do the job.


Why a Republican Candidate for District 22?


Folks might feel that it’s a valid and good question to ask why a Republican candidate for District 22 now, and it’s a valid fair question that anyone should ask during an election. Some good reasons why Howard Steele is the right candidate as a Republican are that first he is from Houston and spent his career in the area, so he is personally familiar with the issues Houston faces going forward. Second, Steele is a strong supporter of limited government. Simply creating government programs for the sake of unjustified expansion is a waste of taxpayer dollars and limited resources. Government has a role but it shouldn’t exceed that function to infringe on voters. Third, a conservative approach to Congress is exactly what is needed for 2020 forward, especially with how complex the decisions Congress faces are becoming. This is not the time to simply roll everything over to optimistic, idealistic thinking instead of sound government policy.

Howard "Tough As" Steele

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