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There are going to be multiple choices for the next congressional candidate District 22 sends to Congress in 2020. The position is important, represents a large portion of Houston’s constituents, and the area continues to grow with development. Unfortunately, congressional positions also tend to attract characters who don’t share voters’ needs or wants for their communities and instead represent special interests with very narrow focuses and ideas that are a waste of taxpayer funds. Howard Steele is against this kind of thinking and behavior, and he needs our help to make sure Congress stays on track doing what the government is supposed to do for the country and District 22. The choice is obvious that we need to give Steele the support he needs in 2020. Don’t let the government go off the rails again like it did in the previous years; vote for Howard Steele for District 22.


Why Howard Steele for Congress Now


Howard Steele is a native Houstonian who has spent his life working, supporting and being a part of the Houston community. He has worked as an attorney for more than 20 years and is well tested in how the government operates when it works and what needs to be fixed when it doesn’t work. From his early role helping lead his community in a homeowner’s association board role, to taking on a larger government representational function, Steele regularly seeks out ways to give back to his community. Most importantly, Howard Steele supports conservative values that have shown validity in the last two years with a stronger economy, business growth, more jobs, better law and order, and more economic development. These are the things that help communities thrive and avoid waste in government spending. Howard Steele is an ardent supporter of keeping Congress on track and he needs our help now in 2020.

Howard "Tough As" Steele

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