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The Howard Steele for Congress Republican Candidate Campaign Matters to You

A lot of folks don’t believe voting is important. They see elections come and go and shrug their shoulders. Then the same folks complain about how things aren’t working, how the country seems to be going in the wrong direction, and how nobody does anything about it. Again, these are the same folks who regularly skip voting. Don’t be one of these characters. Voting is important, and it is the duty of every citizen to exercise a voice in choosing leadership every election. The next 2020 election matters a whole lot because it will be a referendum on support for the country going in the right direction or needing to be changed. When you vote for Howard Steele for District 22, you are showing that a Republican candidate matters to you and to preserve what is working right for the country as well as in Congress.


Howard Steele Needs Your Help for TX Congress 2020 Support


The TX Congress 2020 election is a pivotal one that voters need to pay attention to. Not doing so means literally leaving the support of leadership and direction of the country up to someone else, and that someone may very well not even be in Houston or Texas. If you want to be sure that the way things are going in a positive direction right now continues, then you want to make sure that Howard Steele gets your Republican vote in 2020 for his congressional campaign in District 22. Don’t punt this responsibility off to someone else’s vote, or you could be in for a disappointment, as well as then watching Congress go sideways for the next two years until the next election. Howard Steele provides Houston solid leadership rooted in the community he has lived in and supported for the last two decades. He knows the issues because they are his neighborhood too. Vote for a common sense representation in Congress with Howard Steele.

Howard "Tough As" Steele

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